Enjoy Hi-Res Digital Music without any PC or computer peripherals. See how easy it is to setup and enjoy......

Initial Setup

See how easy it is to have a Melco N1 playing music in your home.....

Easy HiRes Audio Download onto Melco - no computer required

Without needing to use a PC, download Hi-Res music from High Res Audio .com. Not only is the process so easy, but the files are CRC checked - not possible with PC download. And with easy backup on the Melco expensive downloads are not at risk of loss. Melco supports all audio formats- so freely choose betwen high rate PCM or DSD.

Easy CD Import - Archive your CD collection on your Melco 

How to easily import your CD collection onto your Melco. Bit perfect transfer and detailed Metadata for archive quality transfer. Uncompressed flac is the default for highest quality and portability of the metadata. Uses any USB CD loader - ideally a Blu Ray drive with separate power supply. All settings are pre-configured - Plug and Play! The CD import is automatically imported into a folder 'Import_CD'
Unique Melco feature - PLAY your CD without importing to take advantage of the USB connected DAC.

Easy USB Import - simply transfer your music into your Melco

USB drives are a very convenient way to transfer music into Melco - a bit-perfect transfer with no risk of data corruption. USB connections are provided on the rear of the N1, and on the front of the N1A. as you can see the import is very simple. The music is automatically located into a folder called 'import' and is sorted by import date. All audio format are supported. In addition to easily importing music collections, it is also possible to directly play music from a USB drive without importing.

Easy BackUp of your music collection on your Melco

How to easily create a backup of your music archive with just two button clicks!! Stay safe and do not risk losing your music collection. Use any USB connected HDD with sufficient capacity for your music. Incremental backups store only the changes, and make selecting a restore point simple.

Easy Restore - rebuild your Melco from a backup

Melco creates a backup of both music and data. Restoring both is very easy. It is also very easy to clone a copy of a Melco for a second home.

See how easy it is to select the file format for importing your CDs into Melco

Melco N1 series makes a bit-perfect copy of your CD. You can select between uncompressed flac (default), compressed flac and wav. flac is generally to be recommended as the metadata format is more 'portable' allowing playback in a multitude of devices as well as the Melco N1. Uncompressed flac has better sound quality as there is no unpacking burden for the player. Imported CDs are automatically stored in a folder called import_CD.