1. It does not play continually all tracks on playlists on Kinsky.

    > When you use Kinsky for control app, please set "mode 1" for N1. This is set of front Panel as below.

                  Settings - USB-DAC - Controller - MODE1        

2. Can I use it with TIDAL?

    > TIDAL is available if you use an android device with Bubble UPnP. The application note is on the download page.

3. Melco cannot be discovered on network after auto update to Win 10 or cannot be accessed by friendly name, only IP address.

    > Please try any of below to solve these problems.
       ・Find "Windows Credentials" on ◎(Cortana) task bar
       =>click"Add a Windows credential" =>Address:\\(friendly name)
              User name:guest
         =>Network & Internet
         =>Wi-Fi or Ethernet
         =>Allow your PC to be discoverable
       ・System=>Apps & features=>Programs & features
         =>"View installed updates"
         =>Select line with code "KB3189866" in it

4. What control apps can I use with N1?

    > Browsing and selecting music, as well as the player transport functions, are accessed by a UPnP Control Point. When a USB DAC is

       connected to the Melco, after initiation, the Melco will advertise as a UPnP Renderer on the network. Any UPnP control point can see

       the player therefore and will allow searching and control. Depending on the capabilities of the control point – there are two possible

       modes of control. Control is set on the Melco (Settings - USB-DAC – Controller - Mode0 or Mode1 or HYBRID).

                           Mode 0 Apps (UPnP)
                           Creation C5
                           AudioNet Music manager
                           mConnect Free

Mode 1 Apps (OpenHome)
Kinsky (also works with MODE 0 but stops after one track playing)
Lightning DS (also works with MODE 0)
Plugplayer (also works with MODE 0)
SongbookDS (also works with MODE 0)
Melco APP (currently in beta)

       Hybrid mode allows the Melco to automatically select Mode 0 or Mode 1 according to the App that is trying to connect – making the

       whole experience much simpler. Mode 0 locates the playlist on the App device itself (meaning if the app loses comms the player

       stops). Mode 1 locates the Playlist on the Melco (This means that the playlist is maintained even if the App should lose comms on the  

       network). When playing through USB, the Melco will display the track information and sample rate on the front OLED display.

5. What external USB drives can I use with N1?

       Melco recommends the use of external USB drives manufactured by Buffalo technology for high performance and ease of use. 

       The Melco offers high speed USB3 – the suggested drives are all fast USB3 drives.
              For N1A and N1Z we recommend the Buffalo 4TB Drive Station

DriveStation Velocity 4TB USB3.0 7200rpm External HDD Hardware Encrypted
              *There is a 6TB Drive Station Velocity series ideal for the Melco N1ZH60.


       For CD-Import
After updating a Melco N1 to V3.00 FW or later the Melco Direct CD Import function is active. We recommend the following

       Blu Ray CD drive which is supplied with connecting cable and external power supply. It requires no setup to use with Melco.
               16x External Blu-ray™ Drive


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