MELCO N1/2 Series Manuals

Hardware Manuals

Hardware Manual English
Dec, 2016
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Hardware Manual Deutsch
Dec, 2016
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Hardware Manual français
Dec, 2016
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Software Manuals

Software Manual English
October, 2017
Software Manual_EN_35021285-04.pdf
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Software Manual Deutsch
October, 2017
Software Mannual_DE_35021285-04.pdf
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Software Manual français
October, 2017
Software Manual_FR_35021285-04.pdf
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MELCO N1 Series Manuals

NOTE: N1 series user manuals include both Hardware and Software information in one file. For checking the lasted FW Ver.3.21 Software information, please see the N1/2 Series Software Manuals above.

N1 Series User Manual English
Jul, 2016
N1 Series User Manual_EN.pdf
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N1 Series User Manual Deutsch
Jul, 2016
N1 Series User Manual_DE.pdf
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N1 Series User Manual français
Jul, 2016
N1 Series User Manual_FR.pdf
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Quick Setup Guide & Copy Trademark

Quick Setup Guide
Dec, 2016
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Copyright Trademark, EULA
Update on 19 May, 2016
Copyright, Trademark, EULA.pdf
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MELCO Firmware

Please use the driver, software and firmware only if you accept the License Agreement after reading it carefully.

Firmware Ver. 3.70
Update on 16th October, 2017.
Melco Syncrets Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 62.2 MB
Firmware Ver. 3.50
Update on 1st June, 2017.
Melco Syncrets Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 62.1 MB
Firmware Ver. 3.13
Update on 28 Mar, 2017.
Melco Syncrets Inc. All Rights Reserved.
*This is an old firmware version for MK2 model users.
FW Ver.3.11 is not applicable to MK2.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 61.8 MB

NOTE 1: Please tick the checkbox of "I accept the Software License Agreement" to download.

NOTE 2: For the old FW versions download, please untick the checkbox of "Show the latest version only".

Release Note


●FW Ver 3.70 [16th October, 2017]



- Supported streaming sites 'qobuz' and 'mora'* are added.

  *'mora' is only for Japanese consumers.


USB-DAC Local Player

- During playback by connecting to a USB-DAC, songs` titles will be displayed even songs are not saved in N1.

- Support songs' title displayed while using different NAS for playback.

- Support songs' title displayed while using Qobus or Tidal service.

- Music file source icon will appear on the playback display


Media Server

- 'Update music database' menu listed under new menu 'Media Server'

[2]Media server 


  > [1]Update music database



●FW Ver 3.50 [1st June, 2017] 


Media Server

 -Bug fix to show folders correctly on some App

 -Improve streaming stability


USB-DAC Local Player

 -Alternative renderer on FW3.22B is now applied as “Standard” renderer

 -Markerless DSD compatible models are newl added

    Soulnote D-1

    Oppo BDP-105 Japan Limited

 -DSD over PCM priority mode - This mode applies DSD over PCM even if a connected USB-DAC supports Markerless DSD playback. 

 - PCM only - This mode will convert DSD files to PCM files. If connecting a USB-DAC  that only supports playing PCM files, selecting this mode is recommended.

 -Improved connection to control Apps

 -TIDAL. Qobuz support*(Controller Mode 1 only)

  *The available streaming services vary depending on your controller app and country.


CD transport

 -Shuffle playback added

  After Pause, change Repeat or Shuffle by Up Button

FW Ver.3.22 β [28 Mar, 2017]

- USB Local player

  * Enhanced App compatibility for some 3rd party apps.
  * Enhanced USB-DAC compatibility for some specific Accuphase / DENON / Marantz DACs
  * Support for UD-503 and UD-501V2 (FW3.21 is not compatible with them.)    
  * Alternative renderer (Beta)
  * DSD quality improvement, reduced pop noises.
  * Additional Marker-less DSD support for

       - LUXMAN DSD DACs

       - Esoteric DACs

       - DENON DACs

       - Marantz DACs

       - Oppo Sonica DAC
  * Support DSD streaming from Minimserver
  * Support DSD 512 playback on MELCO Local Play

FW Ver. 3.21 [23 Feb, 2017]

- Front panel USB port (only N1A and N1A/2 Series)
   *not only be able to import files but also be able to use as an expansion port.
     while USB devices are connected giving choice to import or directly play without need to import to HDD.
     (rear panel expansion port can be used at the same time)
   *icon changed while expansion port in use.
     (3 patterns - rear/ front/ both)


- Change of appearance
   *Library, renderer`s icon changed in application.
   *Design of shut-down screen changed.
   *Vendor name changed from Buffalo to Melco Syncrets.


- Imported music view function
   *The title and format of imported music can be viewed on front display.


- File sharing
   *Requires no additional access settings even under Update version of Windows10.


- Navigation tree
  *Smart playlist`s favourite list threshold value from 4 ★ to 1 ★.


- Backup
   *Implementation of RESTORE files has been improved.


- USB-DAC connection
   *New MELCO Local Play added

     playback now possible from Melco to connected USB-DAC without Ethernet connection
     file sharing mode OFF recommended
  *New next generation "Alternative renderer (Beta)" mode added
     when connected to a the compatible USB-DAC with Alternative renderer mode, [. ] showed on front display.
  *MELCO Markerless DSD (Not DoP)  playback supported
    <Limitations with current Alternative renderer (Beta)>
    A small noise may occur at the start and end of playback depending on setting of playback mode,  Precision Start and DAC specification,  

    so caution is advised with volume level  down while using Alternative renderer mode.
  *USB-DAC icon shows on front display even without Ethernet connection.


- CD importing
   *Improved system to check availability of Ethernet
   *Display of multiple alum titles is now scrolling.


- CD transport
   *Now possible to choose either import of CD or Dircet Play when a CD dive is connected to N1
     CD Transport menu is deleted.
   *After playing a CD, system goes to CD import menu.




Application Notes

Naim Uniti Serve or HDX Ripping.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB
ZoneRipper for ripping onto Melco MML.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 302.8 KB
GUIDE - TIDAL & Qobuz on Local USB Playe
Adobe Acrobat Document 208.7 KB

NEWS (PDF download)

30_07_2015_ripcaster news.pdf
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Reviews (PDF download)

HIFICRITIC Vol 9 No 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.0 MB
N1Z in HiFi+.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 771.6 KB
Best Hi-Fi Network Player Nov 2016.pdf
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HiFiNews_Melco N1ZS20-2_May2017.pdf
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Hifi Choice Issue 397 – Melco N1A.pdf
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Pagina's van hifi-131.pdf
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HiFi News Melco N1-ZH60 review.pdf
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N1A in HiFiWorld July 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB
Melco N1A Review - HiFi World - March 20
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB
Haute Fidélité Jan Feb 2016.pdf
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HFN_Melco N1-ZH60_lowres.pdf
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170531 - MELCO - HiFi Choice Main.pdf
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