Compatible Network Player & USB-DAC List

The list bellow shows compatible audio components with Melco Music Library.

Playable sample/bit rate follows Player or DAC spec.

For legacy models of Music Library, please check here for compatibity.


Recommended App:
Mode 0 , DLNA/UPnP mode (Playlist on app): MELCO Music HD, BubbleUPnP (for Android OS only) ,  mConnect player

Mode 1, Playlist mode (Playlist on N1): Kazoo, Bubble UPnP(for Android OS only)


The compatibility test results are obtained in a test environment and this does not necessarily guarantee that similar results will be achieved in different circumstances. Compatibility tests are limited to verification of communication protocols in the short term and may not necessarily apply to extended operating periods. 

Similarly the results obtained are for the test samples only and may not be indicative of revised production by a third party manufacturer which is beyond our control.


MELCO supports music file types only, with sampling rates and bit rates which conform to the specification of the Network Audio Player or the USB-DAC. (Please do not attempt to play files which the USB-DAC does not support. If connecting a USB-DAC that does not support DSD over PCM, then please use "Convert to PCM" function in the SETTINGS Menu.)


The operating conditions and any restrictions are noted alongside the product name.

[USB connection caution]
1. Depending on your USB-DAC, the very beginning of a music file may not be reproduced if the sampling rate has changed between

    music files, or if playing DSD files. In such a case, go to Settings - USB-DAC – Precision Start Latency and set a gap time around 2

    seconds. This will allow for the DACX to change and settle.
2. Data transmission may be unstable while using specialist Audiophile USB cables which do not conform to the USB specification. Please

    try a PC grade cable, supplied with N1 in the carton box, as a reference check if experiencing problems.
3. All USB ports  are usable for USB-DAC connection.

    N1 series Mk2 has additionally dedicated rear panel USB 2.0 connection for USB-DAC. 
4. Sometimes there will be unavoidable small click or other noise when switching between PCM and DSD formats depending on the

    behavior of the DAC. So caution is advised when formats change within a playlist.


[LAN connection caution]
1. Please take care not to damage the Ethernet connectors on the N1 by using excessively heavy Ethernet connectors and cables.
2. Should you experience any problems relating to Gapless playback, or noises between audio files, please contact the third party

    manufacturer or your dealer – the N1 can only deliver files as requested by the Renderer / Player.