1. It does not play continually all tracks on playlists on Kinsky.

     > When you use Kinsky for control app, please set "mode 1" for N1.

         This is set of front Panel -
             Settings - USB-DAC - Controller - MODE1

2. Can I use it with TIDAL?

     > TIDAL is available if you use an android device with Bubble UPnP. The application note is on the download page.

3. Melco cannot be discovered on network after auto update to Win 10 or cannot be accessed by friendly name, only IP address.

     > Please try any of below to solve these problems.
       ・Find "Windows Credentials" on ◎(Cortana) task bar
       =>click"Add a Windows credential" =>Address:\\(friendly name)
              User name:guest
         =>Network & Internet
         =>Wi-Fi or Ethernet
         =>Allow your PC to be discoverable
       ・System=>Apps & features=>Programs & features
         =>"View installed updates"
         =>Select line with code "KB3189866" in it


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