- Free iOS iPad App available from the Apple App Store

- Innovative control point for Melco devices when connected to a USB DAC

- Streamlines the accessibility and playback of streamed and stored digital music

- Intuitive control with powerful search functions

- Full TIDAL and Qobuz streaming integration

- Streaming from networked UPnP servers

- Local Playlist creation and management

- Supports gapless PCM and gapless DSD (with a suitable DAC)

*MELCO Music HD is a simple App to control the Melco Music Library N1, N10 or N100 series when connected to a USB-DAC.If the Melco Music library is connected to a Network Player or Streamer (not a USB-DAC) then the App recommended by the network player manufacturer should be used as the MELCO Music HD will only work when using a USB-DAC.

Other UPnP control Apps will also work with Network Players / Streamers and also when using USB-DAC.Melco USB-Audio Controller Mode is set to Hybrid by default and should work with all Apps in that setting.

But it is possibly more stable to set MODE to 0 or 1 according to the App that is being used.

MODE 0 – DLNA/UPnP mode:-  Melco Music HD, Bubble UPnP, mConnect etc.

MODE 1 – Playlist Mode:-  Kazoo, Bubble UPnP