Please do not use N1 when V3.10 FW is installed. V3.10 is not always able to accurately read the music contents of the HDD, meaning that in some cases users will not be able to see some or all of the music on the HDD either with the control App or by Explorer or Finder on a networked computer.  Continued use of V3.10 may result in non - recoverable data loss.
Please upgrade to V3.11 immediately to avoid this problem and protect your music.
(V3.00 and previous FW versions do not have the data loss problem)


Step 1) Update FW to V3.11.(via Network or from USB)

Step 2) Back up if you do not have back up date already.

Step 3) Format Internal Drives from menu.

              Menu – 4.Setting – 12.Drive – Select the current RAID mode

Step 4) Restore the music from the back up drive.


Download FW 3.11 from here.