28. December 2017
MinimServer has a great reputation as a high performance UPnP dedicated Music Server. It can be installed on a Melco N1 relatively easily.
13. December 2017
MELCO N1, N1/2 series beta firmware 3.73B was released on 11 Dec, 2017. This is a beta firmware only availible for USB update. This firmware is recommended for people who are quite familiar with "PC audio and network audio". For general MELCO users, please use our official firmware Ver. 3.72. Check new FW 3.73B updates as below.

29. November 2017
MELCO N1, N1/2 series firmware 3.72 was released on 27 Nov, 2017. Updating the latest firmware via network, N1 should be connected to the Internet. To update the latest firmware, goes to [5] System Update > [1] Internet, then choose `OK`, N1 will restart. Wait until the home screen is displayed.

10. November 2017
V3.71 FW paves the way for full Internet radio capability on Melco when using the USB-DAC Local Player. Full Internet Radio integration will follow in a future FW, but this blog shows how to manage m3u playlists to give Internet radio access. (Full integration will have an Internet Radio Portal to allow for searching for stations, and this will manage favourites as well as allowing for the possibility of the Internet radio location or URL changing).

24. July 2017
Melco has already made two huge improvements to Hi-Res Digital Music – sound quality is greatly improved through being able to totally avoid any IT devices or computers in the playback chain. Additionally we have made the whole experience so much easier with simple setup and convenient operation. However for serious listeners there remains one problem – metadata or tagging of the music files. This can make browsing and managing music collections frustrating, especially for Classical music.