Firmware Ver 3.91 for N1, Ver 1.03 for N10/N100

Melco N1 firmware Ver 3.91 and N10/N100 firmware Ver 1.03 are released on 6th June.

Markerless DSD

Newly added Markerless DSD compatible USB-DAC. For example, NAGRA TUBE DAC, New T+A devices etc.

Fix "PC incompatible characters"

There are some cases the music files, imported by CD, USB memory, USB HDD into Music Library, has name that PC cannot show by SMB sharing. 

Newly added feature fixes this kind of incompatible characters from front display menu. This feature is just to fix name, but not effect to the music data.

CD import

Even though CD music data is successfully imported , in some cases, it causes error because of special characters are used in meta data which is attached during CD import.

New CD import feature solves this problem.


  • Behavior of stopping dark mode was improved.
  • Improved display showing playback source icon.