SongKong for MELCO

Melco has already made two huge improvements to Hi-Res Digital Music – sound quality is greatly improved through being able to totally avoid any IT devices or computers in the playback chain.  Additionally we have made the whole experience so much easier with simple setup and convenient operation.


However for serious listeners there remains one problem – metadata or tagging of the music files. This can make browsing and managing music collections frustrating, especially for Classical music.


So Melco has teamed up with the authors of SongKong to create a special version of the SongKong Music Tagger – SongKong for Melco.


SongKong for Melco is an intelligent music tagger app, or programme, designed to make the task of managing, organizing and cleaning up your digital music collection very easy. Automatically SongKong for Melco will locate the correct metadata, even for compilations and multi-disc sets, and will structure Classical music correctly in terms of Works rather than CDs.


Naim wav files are a special challenge for many players, and SongKong for Melco automatically creates correct tagging allowing the Naim wav files to be played on the local Melco USB connected player as well as most other UPnP players without any need to convert to flac, so sound quality is unaffected.


As your digital music collection grows so can missing artist information or album cover art, duplicate tracks or inconsistent or unnamed songs (“like Track 01”). SongKong for Melco is designed to resolve all these issues so that you can play the music you love whenever you want. 


SongKong for Melco is simple and powerful and can fix your music collection in a few clicks whilst offering all the tools and options you want to customize your experience.


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